Is Your Mortgage Filled With Fraud And Rights Violations? Have You Been Unlawfully Foreclosed On? Perhaps an indepth mortgage analysis can help you….

Dear Homeowner,

Have you taken a really close look at your mortgage documents? What about your foreclosing documentation? I mean really set down and read them line by line.

As most of us are busy with our day to day lives, we don’t really find the time to do this and the banksters are banking on our ignorance and laziness to steal our hard earned money, and in a lot of cases now, our property away from us.

We have looked at hundreds of mortgages, closing documents and trust deed documents and I must say that 9 out of 10 times there is fraud and all sorts of violations that are taking place across the country. Our service is simple, we provide a complete mortgage analysis for homeowners to help them uncover fraud, violations or any damages that have been put upon them by the BIG mortgage companies.

Our guarantee is very simple, if we do not find fraud, violations or any damages that have been put upon you then we give you back every penny you paid for the analysis. Its that simple. How can we do this? Well because we know in 9 out of 10 times there will be huge damages and monetary gain due to homeowners if they wish to pursue our recommendations further whether via public remedies or private remedies that we make you aware of.

Your analysis comes in the form of a video file that you will have access to for life. This can be shared with your counsel or anyone you choose to hire to help you pursue any actions/remedy from what we have shared with you. In most cases we find several Hundred Thousands of Dollars of damages due to homeowners and feel our mortgage analysis is well worth the small investment to uncover if you have had fraud committed against you and to give you a course of action to take to remedy the matter.

Once you have placed your order, you will be presented with a form that must be filled out to complete the order process. It is basic contact and mortgage information. Your mortgage analysis will be delivered to your email within 30 days of your order. Again if we do not find anything that will benefit you with our analysis, you are guaranteed a full refund….no questions asked.

ONLY $499.00 USD (30 Day Turn Around)

[Your order will be processed securely via Paypal and Prosperity Financial, our sister company, as the merchant]


Option 1: Purchasing a green dot money pack

  • Option 1: Purchasing a green dot money pack:
  • 1. Go to
    In the upper right hand corner, put in your zip code.
    It will show you all the locations in your area that sell money packs.
    Purchase one for $499 USD they charge like $4/5 for the pack
  • 2. Go to walmart/cvs and purchase a greendot money pack for $499 USD ,make sure the amount on the pack ends up being $499 after their fee
  • 3. Send an email to support [@]  with your money
    pack number. In the subject of email put the following “Ordering mortgage analysis-money pack# inside”
  • We will email you when your payment is confirmed and also additional instructions!
  • Option 2: Sending a blank postal money order:
  • 1. Purchase postal money order for $499USD
  • 2. Leave the “pay to” line blank!!!
  • 3. Mail your blank postal money order for $499 to the following address: PRIORITY MAIL WITH TRACKING SUGGESTED (include a note with your name, phone number and email address and please write neatly! Also mail to us all mortgage related documents: closing papers, mortgage note, deed, and any other records you may have obtained from your local recorder’s office.
  • TrueWealthSociety c/o PO BOX 2391, Stone Mountain, Georgia [30086]
  • Send an email to support [@]  In the subject of email put the following “Ordering mortgage analysis-mailed money order & documents”. In the body of the email put your tracking number and date it was mailed.



Our 100% Money Back Guarantee

If we do not find fraud, violations or any damages that have been put upon you then we give you back every penny you paid for the analysis. NO Questions Asked!



Please Note: We do not offer legal advice. Our analysis is based on our opinions of international law and U.S. statutory law. After you review your analysis, there may be a need for you to contact counsel to represent you if you need to pursue litigation. We do not have any ties to attorneys, so please do not ask us to recommend one. That would be a conflict of interest on our part.